How to Commission a New Work

Adding musical works to the choral repertory is an exciting activity for any organization.  The
creation of new music is vital to the continuing evolution of musical style and content.  The
process of commissioning a new work can be intimidating, but perhaps the following
guidelineswill be useful in getting a better idea of what's involved in the process.
- Consider length of work, accompaniment, difficulty level, possible part division, date needed for first
rehearsal, inscription on title page, and general mood (celebratory, etc.)

Contact the composer.

- Confirm aspects of the contract, including information discussed with the composer relative to length,
due date, accompaniment, fee, and so on.

- The cost is based on length of work and instrumentation (unaccompanied, piano,
brass/percussion/organ, orchestra, etc.). Every project is different...each project is given a custom quote
according to individual contract.

- The commissioning fee  is normally paid at the project's completion, but a nominal deposit is usually

- The time period for completion of a shorter work is typically about 3-6 months. Quotes for completion
date for larger works are available on a custom basis, depending largely on schedule and other
obligations. Rush projects are normally available...just ask if you're in a pinch.

- Commissioning fees vary. I realize that commissioning a new work in this difficult economy is tough
for most organizations. Don't let fear of the unknown deter you from inquiring. A successful
commission is more within reach than you realize!
Successful past
commissions include:

Mandatus -
Double Reed Society

In Tempore - Antioch
Chamber Ensemble

- Cappella Cantorum

Te Deum - William Baker
Choral Foundation

Ubi Caritas - Indiana State
University Concert Choir

Rejoice! Our Saviour Is
- Cappella Cantorum

Amens and Hallelujahs
Grace United Methodist

In Quiet Layers of Night
- The University of Kansas
and the William Baker
Choral Foundation

A Festival For Christmas
- William Baker Choral